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Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology

We have grown to meet highest customer demands, and we have continuously developed our technologies and manufacturing methods. Air-conditioned production areas, fine-controlled measuring rooms, powerful CAD/CAM systems, and innovative specialized technologies and measuring methods enable us to manufacture precision parts that are unique in the market! Our dependable network of strong partners and internal capabilities are our customers’ benefit and competitive edge: a complete supply chain from engineering, materials procurement, pre-fabrication and finishing, from surface technology right through to quality assurance. We are perfectly aligned to complex manufacturing methods and able to produce components not only meeting extremely tight geometry and tolerance requirements, but also optical surface characteristics - thanks to our in-house Optical Systems Production.

The Kugler special feature: Combined machining processes

Increasing component complexity has led to an increasing demand for complex manufacturing and measuring methods, which have to be combined. Before machining components, for example, such components may have to be subjected to optical measuring/calibration on the machine tool for correct alignment without surface damage. It is also possible to have a component optically machined on one and the same precision tool by means of flycutting, and subsequently structured by HF milling without any accuracy losses due to workpiece reclamping. This, for example, allows manufacturing high-end molding tools for fluidic applications in optical quality.


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