Rotary Table RT-500T and RT-800T

Rotary Table RT-500T & RT-800T

The Rotary Tables RT-500T and RT-800T expand the Kugler-range of air-bearing rotary tables for high-precision measurement applications. High-performance torque motors make the stages highly dynamic, providing an extraordinary high rotational speed range combined with highest positioning accuracy. In addition to the well proven features of Kugler Rotary Tables RT, such as high repeating accuracy, no stick-slip effect, no wear, excellent thermal long-term stability, these models are vacuum-preloaded and offer an extraordinary high load capacity for the measurement of larger and heavier workpieces.

Typical applications are the measurement of high-precision gear components (gear wheels), large optical components, also in combination with a confocal sensor, lens mounts etc.


Typical Applications
  • Measurement of inner and outer diameters
  • Measurement of concentricity
  • Use as an additional axis of rotation for coordinate measuring machines
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