Adaptive mirror system

Adaptive mirror system

Dynamic beam waist adapting or variation of the effective focal length: versatile expansion of the operative range of modern laser welding and cutting systems.

Kugler Adaptive Mirrors: Optical components with a focal length that can be changed from "focusing" to "defocusing" within a wide range.
Especially in laser tools with long stroke axes, adaptive mirrors are used to relocate the beam waist, or to dynamically change the focus of the focusing head.
Kugler manufactures easy-to-integrate adaptive mirrors for small bend angles (z-folding) and for 90° bending, with dedicated bending units UE.
Adaptive mirrors AO90/70 and AO5/70, bend angles 90° and 5°-15°, effective focus range -4 m to +4 m (+/-0,25 diopters), aperture diameters up to 30 mm.


Typical Applications
  • The adaptive mirror was tested by reputable institutes. Read more about the test results in the PDF (Erfahrungsbericht Adaptiver Spiegel AO) for download.
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