Bending units

Bending units

Beam bending at an angle of 90° or just at 5°, sensitive alignment and highest pointing stability. For flat, spheric, toroid and adaptive mirrors.
Aperture 35 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm.

Kugler Bending Unit UE: Compact, robust, with water-cooled metal mirrors, sensitive adjustment, dynamically loadable, dimensionally stable in all situations. Reproducible replaceable mirrors. Proven in industrial application, available in many versions. Free aperture from 35 mm up to 70 mm, coatings for all laser classes and laser types, with or without safety switch.
Toroid mirrors for beam waist positioning or mirrors for the production of a circular polarized light (reflective phase retarder PR90) can easily be integrated in the laser beam guiding system by using the Kugler bending unit UE. Even the Kugler adaptive mirror is available with a specially adapted bending unit UE50AO.


Typical Applications
  • Der Adaptive Spiegel wurde bei namhaften Instituten getestet. Unser Erfahrungsbericht über die Testergebnisse ist für Sie als PDF-Dokument (in Englisch) zum Download bereitgestellt.
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