Fiber laser heads for welding and cutting

Fiber laser heads for welding and cutting

The new all-mirror technology for fiber lasers now is readily available from Kugler: With five diamond turning machines incl. slow-tool-servo functionality for the generation of the complex optical surfaces, mirrors not only for the LK190F, but also for customer specific fiber collimation and focusing solutions can be provided at reasonable costs!

Your benefits:

- Better process stability due to the outstanding thermal stability of the Kugler mirror optics with high reflectivity coating “EGY”
- Lower investment costs due to reduced need of optical components (a mirror collimator is made from only one mirror instead of a multi-lens objective)
- Reduced maintenance time, no alignment needed when changing optics
- All components of the Kugler LK190W/ LK190C program like manual or motorized rotational axes, or different working nozzles, or safety switches, can be used!


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