The Granu-Line GL-220 is a high-precision linear aerostatic bearing, consisting of a granite spindle sleeve and a cage. The essential advantage of the bearing consists in that it is not subjected to punctiform loads, in contrast to the concept of mechanical bearings, since the load is distributed over a relatively large area.
Another advantage is its high shock and vibration resistance, since it involves no mechanical contact whatsoever.
The primary application lies in the scope of machine axes for ultraprecision machines, such as for example the Microgantry ® nano3/5X, or as an individual axis for positioning systems, such as for example measuring machines.
These types of aerostatic bearings are also suitable for clean room applications, since the exhaust air is filtered.
Outfitted with a linear motor in combination with a high-definition incremental measuring system and fully integrated water cooling, an exceptionally good process and positioning accuracy with the highest rigidity and highest linear velocity can be realized.


Typical Applications
  • Machine axes for UP machines
  • Measuring machines
  • Positioning systems
  • Clean room applications
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