Rooftop mirror

Rooftop mirror

Rooftop mirror for beam splitting e.g. for the generation of a twin focus to optimize laser welding applications (Twin focus technique).

Rooftop mirrors are flat mirrors with two mirror surfaces inclined to each other. They are used for beam splitting. The typical angles are quite small (within a few degrees) to generate with common focal lengths two focuses at a close and sometimes overlapping distance.
In particular the welding of light metals can be facilitated with such a twin focus technique. Depending on the seam position to the focusing head, different splitting directions can be chosen. Specify the position, the desired depth of focus and the used focal length and Kugler calculates the position and angle of the rooftop mirror surfaces.
Whether with or without water cooling, with or without coating, with or without carrier plate (e.g. as a mirror unit for the Kugler focusing heads LK190 or LK390), Kugler produces exactly the rooftop mirror you need for your application!


Typical Applications
  • Laser welding heads
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