Toroid mirror

Toroid mirror

Optimized beam guidance in laser machining systems (beam waist positioning); as a focusing mirror for long focal lengths.

Like spherical mirrors, toroid mirrors are used for beam shaping in beam guidance systems (optimization of the beam waist position) or even for focusing, in particular for long focal lengths (above 400 mm).
Using a toroid mirror for bending angles larger than 10° to 15° by selecting the two radii of the mirrors, allows a complete compensation of the astigmatism which arises when using spherical mirrors.
Just like spherical mirrors, toroid mirrors are machined on a flycutter diamond milling machine or in case of small radii on an air-bearing ultraprecision lathe.
Versions mounted on a carrier plate, with our without water cooling, are available as a standard.
CO2-laser coatings or coatings for other wavelengths (UV-VIS-NIR) are available. Toroid mirrors which have the same mechanical dimensions as the standard Kugler spherical mirrors are normally available at short notice. Select a blank type, give us the focal lengths and we will submit you an offer.


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